What Are My Hemorrhoid Treatment Options

January 2nd, 2011

If you have developed noticeable hemorrhoids, then you are probably looking to find an appropriate treatment as soon as possible. Left untreated, the problem can become more severe and it is probably already painful, itchy, and irritating to say the least. Fortunately, you have options when it comes to hemorrhoid treatment—starting in your own home.

Treatment at Home

The most basic hemoroids treatments are modifications to your diet and lifestyle coupled with over the counter medicines. You can begin by doing everything you can to make yourself more comfortable. Alter your diet to make bowel movements easier on your body by increasing your fiber intake and after a bowel movement, you should:

• Blot gently to dry without rubbing and irritating.
• Try to keep the area clean with a cleansing agent.
• Take a sitz bath to relax and warm the area and surrounding muscles.

Make sure that you are not using products that contain either dye or perfume as these can irritate. You can take non-prescription pain medications like NSAIDS in order to treat pain and inflammation. There are also creams available to treat itching and irritation. You may also apply ice or warmth several times a day. Finally, you can relieve pressure with bed rest.


The next step up in hemorroid treatment is a fixative treatment. These non-surgical medical treatments can help with small hemorrhoids. There are two main options: Rubber band ligation and coagulation. This last can be done with light as well as lasers and electricity. In both cases the goal is to cut off the blood supply, effectively starving the hemorrhoid.


You can also treat hemorrhoids with surgery, however, this method is generally reserved for cases where other treatments are not working or are inappropriate. In this case the treatment is a hemorrhoidectomy.

Allergies and Pregnancy

October 30th, 2010

The spring and autumn season welcome in the most beautiful weather conditions of the year. Unfortunately they also bring with them the most potent triggers for allergic reactions. Itchy and watery eyes, skin rashes and runny noses are all symptoms of allergic reactions to dusts, pollens and other irritants. Some women find that during pregnancy, they experience allergic reactions that they have never had before. Expectant mothers have to be concerned about any medications they take because of the potential harm that they could cause their unborn child, especially during the first trimester.

Medications for Allergies during pregnancy

There are many types of medications used to treat allergies. An expectant mom must decide if the benefits outweigh the risks, when deciding to take medication for allergic relief. An over- the-counter antihistamine can be used to treat allergic reactions but must be used with caution. If you decide to take an over-the-counter drug you should check with your doctor to determine the correct medicine and dosage. Prescription medications are categorized, by the FDA, depending on how safe they are to take. During pregnancy you may want to take a safer classified drug to relief allergy symptoms. Again, it is important to consult with your physician before using any prescribed medications, even if you took them prior to your pregnancy.

Controlling Asthma during pregnancy

Women with asthma must be careful to control their condition during pregnancy. Asthma restricts the air intake of its sufferers. Reduced intake of oxygen for a developing fetus can cause many complications, including low birth weight. Women with asthma may have to take medication to control their condition during pregnancy. They must work with their doctor to monitor their drug intake. Being careful and taking the lowest dosage possible is the best way to protect the unborn child, while also giving relief to the expectant mother from the symptoms related to asthma.

Do you think you might be pregnant? Please check out these signs of pregnancy from Saving Angel Org.

Laser Hair Removal at Home

February 21st, 2010

Our focus has always been on health, which often means looking better too.  But are there any short cuts to beauty without the work and discipline required for health?  The answer is yes.  As an added benefit, looking better makes you feel better.

My favorite short cut to beauty has to be  Tria laser hair removal.  It’s wonderful to save some money and gain convenience.  No more embarrassing and expensive appointments.  These things aren’t cheap – but if you have shopped around for hair removal from spas you are sure to recognize the amount you’ll save.   At around $600, depending on what areas you were considering with your local spa – you could save over $1000!

Smooth skin without appointments, permanent results, and save money — Tria laser hair removal is a winner.

Living Long Enough to Live Forever – Resveratrol is the Beginning

November 29th, 2009

Here at Sue’s Health Center we are all about  total and complete well being, not just weight loss.  Keeping your body & mind feeling and working in top performance long after our prime.  Youth never lasts long enough.  In fact once you hit the ripe old age of 25 your body is in decline from then on out.

Red wine extract has been in the news for it’s amazing anti-aging properties and it’s potential for almost halting the aging process.  In laboratory tests, mice that have been given the purest form of Resveratrol (which is currently still in testing) are living 40-60% longer.  For humans that would mean 105 years old and that’s if we just live 40% longer. They mice that are being tested remain in their prime of life right up to the very end which is quick.

The best thing available on the market at this time is Longevinex.  My personal goal is to live long enough to live forever.

Keeping The Weight OFF

October 18th, 2009

keep-weight-offOne of the biggest problems with dieting today is keeping the weight that you lose OFF. Usually it is not that difficult to lose the weight, however, it is more difficult to keep the weight off. A lot of times this is because it is difficult to maintain the rigid diet standards that led to the sudden weight loss. Although some people struggle to keep their weight off, there are others who have been successful at losing weight and keeping it off. How do they do this?

Usually people who keep weight off maintain a low-fat diet. However, they are not extremely restrictive. They do make sure to control their portions. In addition, successful weight loss maintenance almost always involves eating breakfast. It is an extremely important meal of the day. Furthermore, for those who want to keep weight off, physical activity is always helpful. And, lastly, a positive attitude is extremely beneficial.

Additionally, keeping weight off usually involves a routine. Make your new weight loss choices part of your lifestyle. This way, it will not be difficult to make decisions that could impact your weight because you will already be accustomed to healthy eating or you will already be used to physical exercise.

Superfoods: Eating For Maximum Health

September 28th, 2009

superfoodsIn today’s society, individuals seem to turn to drug alternatives often as their solution to the optimal health. And, while it is wonderful that modern medicine has provided us with many drugs to promote better health and cure sickness, there are also certain foods that experts say are so powerful they have the ability to prevent disease and keep us healthy.

If you have not heard of superfoods, then pay close attention. Superfoods are the latest craze in the health industry, as more research seems to indicate that they have the ability to fight heart disease, cancer, cholesterol, and other diseases. Eating superfoods will not only reduce your risk of disease, but they will help you feel better today.

The best part about superfoods is that they are not expensive. In fact, they are available at your local grocery store. You can add these items into your diet today and start feeling better and reducing your risk for disease. It is a smart decision all around. Here is a list of the top superfoods available today:

-Tea (green or black)

Maybe you are already eating some of these items! If not, add some into your diet today.

The Importance Of Vitamin D

September 24th, 2009

vitamin-dI love the sun and almost everyone who works in medicine today will tell you that the sun is bad for you. It can age your skin, harm your skin, etc. However, the one positive that comes from sun exposure is Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is a vitamin that our body makes after being exposed to UV rays from the suns. It actually functions as a hormone and it can help increase the absorption of calcium and phosphorous. In doing so, vitamin D helps promote strong bones in our body.

Researchers also seem to think that vitamin D is an important factor in helping our immune system. It is also probable that vitamin D regulates cell and growth and can help prevent cancer. In addition, for those at risk of developing autoimmune disease, vitamin D is a great shield against the disease.

For most people, simply being in the sun will allow them to get the necessary requirement of vitamin D. However, depending on where they reside, it may be more difficult to get access to sunlight. Also, certain sunscreens block UV rays, preventing vitamin D intake. Therefore, it may be a good idea to get a supplement to ensure you are getting enough of this essential vitamin.

What’s The Right Amount Of Exercise?

September 21st, 2009

exerciseEvery medical professional will tell you that exercise is important. In fact, getting enough exercise is vital to the health of our body. And, we do not realize that exercise is really as important as eating right. Too often, exercise is connected with losing weight. And, while exercise is an important part of weight loss, it is also an important part of our daily health. Therefore, regardless of your weight loss goals, exercise should be part of your lifestyle. How much exercise is the right amount of exercise to be healthy?

Health experts say that 90 minutes of exercise a week is the optimal amount of exercise to remain healthy. For the average person, this means you could spend 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week, exercising. Ideally, aerobic exercise is the best type of exercise because it is the best for you heart. As you exercise, your heart muscle will get stronger. And, aerobic exercise increases your heart rate, which helps circulate your blood flow. And, or course, aerobic exercise does burn the most calories.

If you are not currently exercising 3 times a week, consider starting a routine. You will be healthier. And, you do not have to run a marathon to get a good aerobic workout!

Cheating On Your Diet? No Problem!

September 21st, 2009

cheat-dietI don’t know about you, but for me the hardest thing about dieting is the idea that you can NEVER eat the foods you love. It is easy for me to eat healthy almost all of the time; however, on occasion I like to eat a cookie. I am just NOT one of those people who can go their whole life without or whole weight loss period without a cookie. I would give up. For me, it is basically a recipe for failure. If you are like me, than you might consider trying the 5-Factor Diet.

The 5-Factor Diet is a numberswiki.com

great diet plan for those who need to cheat on occasion. And, it was actually created for celebrities; so, chances are it will work. With the diet, you will eat healthy foods in small amounts more frequently. When you start the diet, you should expect to lose weight and have more energy.

And, get this, cheating is not only encouraged – it is MANDATORY! For one day a week, you get to eat whatever you want. Then, you return to the regular diet for the rest of the 6 days of the week. Check out the 5-Factor Diet today. It might be right for you!

Smart Nutrition: Choosing Your Food

September 14th, 2009

smart-nutritionToday we have more access to a variety of foods and more access to nutrition information than ever. While this is a great benefit, it can also be overwhelming and make choosing the right foods difficult. The following options might be beneficial when you are unsure what decisions to make when it comes to nutrition:

1. Eat Smart, Be Fit, and Live Longer. This is the mentality of those who lived in Blue Zones – areas where people lived to ages of 100 years old. Try eating a plant based diet.
2. Choose Carbs That Satisfy You. more info

If possible, focus on complex caborhydrates – whole grains, legumes, and vegetables.
3. Add Nutrients To Your Diet. Make sure you are getting your daily intake of calcium and the vitamins you need.
4. Eat Treats, But Save Them For A Special Day!
5. Do not over salt. While sodium is good, too much can lead to risk of disease.
6. Try eating foods that are good for you. Most of us know what these foods are, so implement them in your diet.
7. Portion control your meals so that you do not eat more than you should.
8. Eat good proteins. Avoid fried foods and stick with the grilled option.