Is Weight Loss With Thyroid Disease Possible?

September 16th, 2007

As it is, losing weight is a challenge that a lot of people cannot seem to overcome with passing marks. After all, it takes a lot of discipline to stick to a weight loss regimen and adjust one’s diet accordingly. There are just a lot factors hindering one’s ability to get back in shape such as the temptation of that very tasty steak, or the lack of time for proper exercise.

But what if the hindrance is internal? The challenge gets tougher.

The problem within

There are several health conditions that could hinder a person’s ability to lose weight. Weight loss with thyroid disease added into the mix can be a tough nut to crack. A person may have all the discipline in the world to follow those complicated diet plans but if his body cannot control his hormones, then all those efforts would be for nothing.

Thyroid conditions like hypothyroidism can cause weight gain in patients. The thyroid secretes hormones mainly for the modulation of carbohydrates and for fat metabolism among other things. When the thyroid glands are incapable of producing enough hormones, the body balance gets affected which then results in weight gain. At first, this condition looks like a host of other diseases so it’s difficult to diagnose.

Patients suffering from this disease find it difficult to lose weight because their hormones simply are not cooperating with their diet regimen. A special plan for weight loss for people with thyroid disease is then designed to adjust to the body’s hormonal imbalance.

To add insult to injury, there are even some drugs that used to treat thyroid disease that can actually cause weight gain. Weight loss with thyroid disease becomes a never-ending dilemma of split priorities. The patient wants to be treated for the disease but he also wants to lose the excess weight because of other health conditions that may result from it.

Overcoming the challenge of weight loss with thyroid disease

Weight loss with thyroid disease added as a hindrance isn’t as easy as simple calorie restriction. The hormonal imbalance renders diet plans to burn calories useless. This is why exercise is so important in weight loss with thyroid disease patients. Exercise will help them increase their body metabolism and burn calories in the process. Aside from that, it lowers down the body’s insulin levels which can also affect one’s blood sugar level. Normally, twenty minutes of exercise, thrice a week is sufficient but for people with thyroid diseases, they need to do much more.

Since there are some medications that could cause the weight gain, it is advised that patients talked to their doctors regarding possible alternatives. That way, the efforts for weight loss with the thyroid disease in hand will not go to waste.

The right kind of exercise

There are a lot of exercise plans out there that should be able to help burn calories effectively. But to go through weight loss with thyroid disease, the best kind of exercise to do would be the muscle building type. Building lean muscles enables the body to burn more calories and continue to do so even when it is idle. Besides, replacing fats with muscles in itself means burning calories which is why it is so effective.

Water therapy and fiber-rich diet

Another way to increase one’s metabolism is by drinking lots of water. Water makes the body work more efficiently. It can also decrease the appetite, eliminate water retention and do wonders on the digestive process.

Even under normal conditions, one of the most effective ways to lose weight is through a healthy diet. To promote weight loss with the thyroid disease still in the picture, patients should get rid of processed foods, chips and sweets and replace them with organic vegetables and fruits. It also helps to eat a lot of fiber-rich food to enhance the body metabolism. Go for chicken and fish for protein sustenance instead of red meat to regulate fat intake.

Eating frequently and in very small amounts can also help regulate one’s weight. Instead of eating thrice a day, go for eating snack-sized amounts of food four to five times within the day. This would also help moderate the appetite and do away with the hungry sensation that could cause overeating.

Weight loss with thyroid disease shouldn’t be a difficult feat once the patient learns to adapt a well regulated lifestyle.

Author:  Phillip England