Diet And Age Go Hand In Hand

September 2nd, 2008


When you were in your twenties you could eat just about anything you want.All that changes however, as you start to get older. Once you reach your mid-thirties your bone density has peaked and you’ll start to lose muscle mass if you don’t exercise.

Busy lifestyles and childrearing during that time can also be hard on your heart and your immune system. You need to combat that as much as possible so you can stay healthy into your later years, and so you can make sure that you decrease your risk of osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease, among other problems.

The “common” diseases of aging don’t have to be so common, if people take the time to take care of themselves as they start to get a little older. Don’t wait until you’re sixty-five – start today to keep yourself healthy tomorrow.

Secret To Having Babies Later In Life Might Be Diet

September 1st, 2008


If you’re a woman who’s getting a little bit older but you still want to have a baby, a change in your diet might be able to help you do just that.

According to a nutritionist, the right kind of diet can be like hitting the ‘snooze button’ of the biological clock and could help women conceive even into their fifties. Naturally, that doesn’t mean that every older woman would be able to get pregnant as easy as a she could when she was twenty, but it does provide new hope for women in their late thirties and into their forties who are healthy enough to have children but are still struggling to do so.

The diet changes are gradual, and they work to eliminate many of the toxins that are put into the body by artificial sweeteners, too much sugar, alcohol, and tobacco. Each month the diet is restricted a bit more, but women who are serious about conceiving will undoubtedly make that kind of sacrifice.