Change Your Diet for a Facelift

December 4th, 2008

If you want a facelift because you aren’t happy with the way your skin looks, you might not have to go to that extreme. Instead, you might be able to improve the way you look by changing your diet. Some foods are much better for you than others, and some of them are also much better for your skin. If you partake of those more often you could improve your skin over time.

One of the most popular of the skin enhancing diets is the Perricone Diet. This diet is designed for weight loss, but there is also a three-day period at the start of it where you eat fruits, berries and yogurt, can only drink water or green tea, and must eat salmon twice a day.

These kinds of things and their combination are important for a person’s skin, and this three day diet can make a significant difference by helping to flush the toxins from your body. That will help with younger-looking and more supple skin.