Weight Loss Tops Resolutions Again

January 7th, 2009

Every New Year people make countless resolutions, and every New Year most of them are broken in just a few days – some of them in just a few hours. Popular resolutions involve quitting smoking and getting a better job, but the number one New Year’s resolution again this year is weight loss.

Almost everyone, especially women, feel as though they should lose some weight. It might be five or ten pounds, or it might be much more than that, but it’s an important goal for a lot of people. It’s unfortunate that a lot of them won’t succeed. Their willpower might not be strong enough or they just might not be ready to make the kind of commitment necessary to lose weight.

For those who are ready, however, losing weight can be a significant goal in the New Year, and can make them look and feel much better than they did in years past. People who decide that they should lose weight in the New Year generally want to do so, and all they need to do is make the commitment for their health and their happiness.