Three Degrees of Happiness?

January 26th, 2009

Researchers are finding that happiness is contagious. That might or might not come as a surprise to you, but apparently science has shown it to be true now.

People who are happy often spread that happiness to others. If a parent is happy, that spreads to his or her children, spouse, and other relatives whom he or she is close to. That’s not all that the scientists discovered, though. They also found that this happiness may have more of an affect than previously thought. If you’re happy, the people closest to you can catch that. The good news is they can also take that with them, and they will pass it on to the people who they are closest to like their friends, their family members, and the people who they work with.

At this rate, there are three degrees of happiness, and could potentially be more, depending on how one looks at it. While one happy person can’t cheer up the planet, he or she can cheer up those close by, and those people can pass it on to others, who can also pass it on.