Skipping meals is not good

February 20th, 2009

The common misconception about losing weight is that if one does not eat a meal, then he or she does not get the unnecessary fats he or she can acquire from eating different kinds of foods. Therefore, those who want to lose weight the easiest way tends to skip meals.

What they do not understand is that skipping meals does not necessarily mean it is a good way of preventing one’s body to gain weight. Actually, when one skips a meal, then he or she is neglecting her body from getting the nutrients that it needs to move along. Aside from that, suppressing one’s hunger will only lead him or her to craving for foods from time to time.

In fact, studies show that one should never skip a meal when he or she is decided to lose weight. It is because by naturally following the three-to-four-meal diet, one can actually improve one’s metabolism, which is essential to the weight management of one’s body. When one skips a meal, then he or she suspends a supposed period of digestion or burning of fats. Actually, when one has a food intake in the morning, the metabolism of the body quickly starts. He or she will then use the energy stored from her first metabolism process. If one does not eat the next hours, then the metabolism slows down, which not give the body the chance to burn evens the stored fats that can actually be transformed to energy. With that, the burning of fats process is not just prevented; it also keeps one from running low because one does not have the energy he needs.

The point here is that the three-meals-a-day process of food intake is actually a natural way of getting fit, or maintaining the desired size of the body. It just shows here that metabolism is an important contributor in weight management, so no one should be skipping meals because it only lays down chances for one’s body to store and not use the fats. It is, of course, another point when it comes to choosing the right kinds of foods to eat per meal. One must be disciplined enough to know which kinds of foods are hard to be digested, or are full of fats and cholesterol.

The bottom line, then, is that if one wants to stay fit the natural way, one should never skip a meal but must be choosy when it comes to food intake.