5 Diet Myths


There are so many popular diets out there today for people to try it can be a full time job just distinguishing between them. Along with tons of diets comes tons of diet myths.One of the most popular myth is that a no fat diet is good for you. You must have some fat in your diet for energy among other things. Also, it doesn’t matter what time of day you eat even if it is ten o’clock at night. What does matter is how much you actually consume in one day.

Think vegetarians can gain muscle? Think again. Vegetarians can get more than enough protein from other source such as cheese and beans. What’s more, you can actually cause your body harm in the future by consuming too much protein.

It is said that fattening foods make you fat faster. This is not true. Weight gain is a slow process and the couple extra pounds that you see on the scale after dinner are from fluids not weight gain.

A favorite myth for many is that you will automatically gain weight if you quit smoking. Well, it makes a great excuse to not quit smoking but really isn’t true. As a matter of fact, some people actually lose weight when they quit. If the cravings are handled with food, you will gain weight. If they are handled by chewing sugar free gum or on a straw or toothpick, you won’t.