5 Types of Alternative Medicine for High Blood Pressure

If you suffer from high blood pressure, one thing you probably dread is the use of strong medicine. Some even believe that this is their only option. There are, however, many types of alternative medicine for high blood pressure. Provided here are five types of alternative medicine techniques you can use to control your high blood pressure.

1. Lose Weight and Eat Healthy

One of the most effective types of alternative medicine for high blood pressure is to lose weight. A major cause of high blood pressure is obesity, so losing weight is a great way to lower your blood pressure. This isn’t the easiest thing in the world for a lot of people. It takes dedication and consistency, but it is your health and, overall, it is your life. Losing weight involves changing your diet and getting plenty of exercise and the best time to start is now!

2. Relieve Stress

Stress can cause a lot to go wrong with your body and high blood pressure is no exception. Another type of alternative medicine for high blood pressure is simply to learn how to relax. Learn some relaxation techniques such as:

– Meditation

– Yoga

– Massage

– Music

There are many more ways to relax and apart from lowering your blood pressure, it will also improve your quality of life.

3. Magnet Treatment

This can definitely be classified as an alternative medicine for high blood pressure. Not much is known behind why this works, but copper and iron bracelets can help reduce the effects of blood pressure. There are no side effects or any type of harm that can come of it, so it doesn’t hurt to try it out.

4. Chiropractic Treatment and Acupuncture

Another great alternative medicine for high blood pressure is visiting your chiropractor. Realigning the vertebrae in the spine can reestablish the body’s balance and help you function properly. Acupuncture can help release strain on your heart. Both treatments contribute to reducing stress, therefore dramatically reducing high blood pressure.

5. Herbs and Vitamins

I’m sure you’ve heard of using supplemental vitamins for health reasons and you may even take vitamins already. This is a great alternative medicine for high blood pressure. Not only can you take supplements, but you can also increase the amount of vegetables and fruits in your diet. This will also contribute to eating healthier, which will help you lose weight. You are looking to increase three major elements in your diet

– Calcium

– Potassium

– Magnesium

All five types of alternative medicine for high blood pressure will give you options for treating your high blood pressure other than taking strong medicine. They may not be your cure, but they can work together to help improve your quality of life and lower your high blood pressure.

 – KJ King

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  1. Clayton Harrold | November 1st, 2007 at 1:08 am

    <strong>Clayton Harrold…</strong>

    Great points you raise here. I dont agree with everything you have written but overall nice writing style….

  2. Jessie | November 9th, 2007 at 12:08 pm


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  4. Michael Settergren | August 17th, 2010 at 2:04 pm

    By the way, I found some interesting facts on BloodPressureExperts.com:
    – A 1,600 mg sodium DASH eating plan has effects similar to single drug therapy.
    – African Americans have a higher death rate from stroke, heart disease, and kidney failure.
    – There have been a few studies that suggest garlic supplementation may lower blood pressure anywhere from 5-10%
    – Stress that is long-lasting raises blood pressure
    – People with high blood pressure are three times more likely to develop heart disease and stroke.

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