7 Pregnancy Myths Every Woman Should Know


Every woman that has ever been pregnant has come to know various myths about pregnancy. For example, one of the classics is holding some type of pendulum over the pregnant belly to determine the sex of the baby. Sorry, but this is just not quite as accurate as the good old sonogram. You also can’t tell by how fast the heartbeat is. You can’t even tell by the way the mother carries the baby, like if it is low it is a boy.

Most mothers would also agree that the amount of heartburn you had while you were pregnant had absolutely nothing to do with how much hair your baby had. Mothers to be everywhere can feel better about raising their arms over their head. This act will not cause the umbilical cord to wrap around your babies neck.

There is a slew of theories of what a pregnant mother can’t do when they are pregnant like taking a bath or exercising and these are totally not true either. Pregnant women everywhere relax in nice warm baths without cooking their children.