Allergies: An American Epidemic

One in four Americans suffer from allergies according to the Center for Disease Control. Shockingly, one in three report witnessing family members on vacations exhibiting allergies too.

What can travelers do when in strange hotel rooms during vacations? PURE Solutions has the answer. Through hypoallergenic bedding, bacteria-free surfaces, filtered and freshly-circulated air, PURE Allergy Friendly hotel rooms can greatly reduce the likelihood of triggered allergies by as much as 98 percent.

While hotel chains like Wyndham offer PURE Solutions, these rooms are not available everywhere yet. PURE Solutions offer some simple tips for allergy-free traveling:

1) Ask for no smoking hotel rooms that are pet-free.
2) Despite the ‘fresh air’ suggestion many Americans here, air conditioning is a smart allergy-free idea when traveling, be it in a hotel room or car.
3) Advance research about your final destination will go a long way in determining what you can expect once you get there, especially in terms of allergens.
4) Care when it comes to new culinary delights can go a long way in ensuring that your vacation is problem-free. Exotic destinations, for instance, should prompt you to get some solid advice from friends or colleagues about locations and particular dishes that are safe to eat.

“With modern lifestyles, the typical person can spend as much as 90 percent of his or her time indoors where invisible pollutants may be as much as 100 times as plentiful than outdoors,” says Brian Brault, the CEO of PURE Solutions.