Determining your Body Mass Index (BMI)

June 16th, 2008

Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to both adult men and women.

BMI Weight Categories


  • Underweight = Less than 18.5
  • Normal weight = 18.5-24.9
  • Overweight = 25-29.9
  • Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

Using a mathematical formula the body mass index takes into account both height and weight. BMI equals an individual’s weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared. (BMI=kg/m2).

Use the table below to find your height in the left hand column, then locate the row across with your actual weight. The number at the top of the column is your BMI.

Body Mass Index Chart - BMI

You can also use the Calculate Your Body Mass Index widget in the sidebar. The BMI widget requires you to use height in centimeters and weight in kilograms. You may refer to the conversion chart below to convert from metric to standard.

Standard/Metric Conversion Chart