Educational Fundraiser’s Goal is to Decrease Childhood Obesity and Environmental Waste

Surf City Growers has begun offering its My First Organics seed starting kits as both a healthy, eco-friendly and profitable alternative to fundraising with more commonplace items like traditional candies, gift wrap drives and cookies.

Citing the well-known fact that childhood obesity is reaching epidemic proportions in the United States, SCG asks a pertinent question: “Why should our kids contribute to the problem by selling candy and cookies? How much gift wrap do we need? We felt it necessary to offer a responsible, conscientious choice to help under-funded schools and youth groups raise money,” said Linda McNair, president and co-founder.

The kits are priced at $14.99. Schools and youth groups can earn up to $5 per kit sold, either through Internet fundraising or the traditional door-to-door type approach.

SGC feels that the kits will teach children the why and how of growing organic produce.

“It’s also an amazing way for more families to learn about eating healthy and caring for the environment,” adds McNair.

The kits include colorful and delicious vegetables and herbs that can be grown in either a container or garden plot. They’re also good for about a year from the date of purchase.

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