Inner City Neighborhoods Looking for Healthier Foods


Inner city neighborhoods are one of the worst neighborhoods in this country when it comes to being able to find quality food to feed your family. Many of these neighborhoods have an abundance of fast food restaurants with very few places to get quality foods at a reasonable price. Many of these restaurants are there with the sole purpose of supplying jobs for many people in inner city neighborhoods. However, it is leaving the neighborhood overcrowded with no place to turn to if the residents would like to feed their families better food than what they can get at these restaurants.

Many of these neighborhoods are turning to the open farmer’s market type of situation where local farmers can have the opportunity to grow and sell their organic foods. This is a great option that is much healthier and gives people a place to earn the money from selling what they grow.

Unfortunately, the debate seems to be whether these communities can afford to reject badly needed jobs for local residents. Compared to the drug dealers, gangs and petty thieves some might say fried chicken restaurant that helps people earn an honest living isn’t really all that bad.