Is a Vegetarian Diet Better for the Environment?


While many people have converted to a vegetarian diet for their health or for other reasons such as not eating the planets little animals, what most people don’t understand is that it is also better for the environment.The most damaging food for our environment is beef. By eating the grain and vegetables ourselves rather than feeding it to the livestock, we can save a huge amount of grain making it cheaper and increasing the amount of food available for everyone.

In the 1980’s Sir Paul McCartney narrated a documentary discussing how much damage we were doing to the environment by continuing to eat meat. In 2007 a campaign began to show that damaging gaseous emissions from farmed animals exceed those of the world’s entire transport system. As more and more people are starting to listen and learn all about going “green” they are finding out that not only does a vegetarian diet make a huge difference in their health and how they feel but they are also doing their part for the environment.