Kids Snacks Can Be Healthy


Snacks can be considered a dirty word in some households but many doctors and nutritionists recommend to everyone, not just kids, to eat five or six small meals a day rather than three large ones to live healthier and lose weight. Just like with diabetics, by eating smaller meals throughout the day, something l like to call grazing, you keep the blood sugar levels at more controlled levels with less ups and downs. Diabetic or not, this is healthier for you than constantly jumping up and down.By providing healthy snacks for your kids, snacks can actually become a good thing for them rather than a dirty word that everyone associates will sugar filled goodies.

Some good examples of healthy snacks for your kids are granola, fruit smoothies, popcorn and raw veggies with a low fat dip to dip them in. For more options, think outside the little three meals a day box. Who cares if they eat breakfast foods in the morning or at night? It really doesn’t matter when they eat so much as what they eat and if the foods they are eating is providing them with the nutrients their bodies to remain healthy and grow strong.

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