Pregnancy Issues: Are You Losing Your Hair While Pregnant Or After Delivery?

I will be showing you the major causes of hair loss during and after pregnancy and how you can avoid – or control – these pregnancy issues.

Definition: “The period from conception to birth when a woman carries a developing fetus in her uterus. Human pregnancy refers to the process by which a human female carries a live offspring from conception until childbirth. The medical term for a pregnant woman is “gravida,” just as the medical term for the unborn human is embryo and then fetus.”

Have you ever wondered why pregnant women lose a lot of hair during and after child bearing? Hmm…? Alright let me help you out. There is a lot of hormonal metamorphoses in the body of pregnant women around the period from conception to delivery – this happens to be the main cause of hair loss!

** Guess what? It has been medically proven that a pregnant woman’s body would rather nurture her baby than her hair! Thus, the major cause of this condition is an acute shortage of much-needed minerals and vitamins, her body and her ever-changing hormones.

While pregnant, women take vitamin supplements and minarals. These vitamins and minarals are responsible for their hair loss during pregnancy! Now, while this is unavoidable, it is also controlable. How?

You should consult with your doctor as soon as you notice your hairline begin to receed. He/she would then instruct you about issues pertaining to the amount (dosage) of vitamins supplements and minerals to take, the soaps, hair cream, relaxer and shampoo to make use of, hair combing style etc., etc.

Normally there is no reason to panic yet. If after you’ve had your baby you still notice areas where your hairline has receeded or spots of baldness or your hair thinned and remains so, you will need to consult with your family doctor to schedule a check up. Because the loss of hair during and after pregnancy can be attributed to a host of conditions, a thorough check up will probably need to be carried out! After this, apropriate prescriptions would be made to arrest this issue.

Worthy of note here is the fact that Women who are mostly prone to the risk of hair loss during and after pregnancy , are those ones who did not place much importance on having healthy diets in the first place! If you must have hair with a healthy sheen, then suitable nutrition is a MUST!

In spite of the fact that some pregnant women lose hair, some others others actually grow plenty of hair on their chin, stomach, chest, legs and cheek. All of this is hormonal.

The tendency of hair loss to escalate after child bearing is high, therefore it is advisable that adequate care and attention be paid to whatever prescription or advice your physician recommends!

** Guess what? Your main focus before, during and after pregnancy should be the maintenance of a weight that is healthy and somwhat constant. In a case where you are or become overweight, get the help of a nutritionist or healthcare consultant – they should aid you with a solid diet plan with a purpose to helping you gain/lose the right amount of weight to ensure a hitch-free pregnancy and child bearing.

Finally, try not to indulge in unnecessary fashion while pregnant! – You have nothing to prove! Wearing of high heeled shoes, tight-fitting clothes etcetera, etcetera will only cause you future (if not present) grief. Why you may ask? Well, because it is a well-known and documented fact that excessive strain is put on your spinal column and the balls of your feet when you walk around on heels. This, in turn, causes you to have cramps on your toes…not to mention the ever-present possibilty of an ankle sprain! You owe yourself a lot more than that.

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  1. Marsha Sloan | September 5th, 2010 at 9:26 am

    thanks, informative read. i have been trying to deal with my gradual hair loss for quite a while. the best thing i have found so far was the book at, they have some tips that dont use rogaine and work well