The Low Down on Flu Shots

Every year, local news programs talk about getting a flu shot and your doctor’s office offers you one. Many pharmacies and clinics also offer them, sometimes for free for people who don’t have a lot of money. But do you need one?

Most doctors say yes, but more and more research is starting to show that the flu shot might not be the best choice, at least for some people. While it’s designed to protect you, it contains things like mercury, formaldehyde, ethylene glycol, aluminum, and MSG. Those don’t sound very natural or very protective, and that’s what has some people worried. If you’re at serious risk of the flu because of your job, if you’re elderly, or if you have trouble with your immune system you might still want to get a flu shot, but most healthy people probably don’t need one.

Taking care of yourself by exercising and eating well, getting enough sleep, and keeping yourself emotionally and spiritually balanced, as well as practicing extra-good hand washing and hygiene during flu season is often enough to keep the flu at bay.

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