The Youthful Powers Of Breakfast

For years you’ve been assured that “life begins at 40.” And so it does – if your middle years are protected from the serious ailments that often sneak in with the 40th birthday. But I doubt if you’ve given much thought to the fact that youth begins at breakfast.

I consider breakfast the most important meal of the day. For me it is always a high-protein meal, with little or no pure starch of any kind. Nor is this merely a whim of mine. There’s a solid nutritional basis for eating high-protein breakfasts, and eliminating the pure starches from your “wake-up” meal.

My breakfast menu sometimes causes comment among my fellow breakfasters whenever I am away from home. I remember one morning in the dining room of a Pittsburgh hotel when I ordered sliced oranges, two broiled lamb chops, and a cube of cheese for my breakfast. The waitress repeated the order as though I had ordered hummingbird tongues, then set off doubtfully toward the kitchen.

At that particular time I was just beginning a series of difficult lectures, all the while trying to rush to completion the manuscript of one of my earlier books. I needed all the energy I could muster – and I knew that each day’s energy is supplied primarily at breakfast.

But the weary-looking couple at the table next to mine evidently didn’t agree with my choice of breakfast. For, as the waitress placed the platter of nicely browned chops in front of me, I heard the woman murmur to her husband, “Disgusting! A regular cannibal’s breakfast.” And then she and her husband smugly downed their own all-starch break fast of d patented dry cereal, sweet roll and coffee. Yet I’ll wager that around 11 that morning I had by far the most energetic body, and the best-controlled nerves of the three. And all because I had the foresight to supply my mind and body with the type of food – high-protein – that assures the most nourishment for muscles, nerves and brain cells.

Although you may not have realized it, your disposition – your “mood,” that is – for the day is largely determined by the kind of breakfast you eat. A high-starch breakfast starts you out for the day with your appetite temporarily appeased, yet with your digestive tract laboring under the burden of a lot of gooey food that probably will have you belching before you leave the table. As the gas from this undigested starchy mass accumulates in your digestive tract, crowding uncomfortably around your heart, you begin feeling as though you shouldn’t have gotten out of bed at all that morning. Your night’s rest apparently did you little good, for you are tired and weary even before the morning gets well under way.

And how sensitive you are on days like this! The least little upset is likely to make you either want to cry, or swear. Because your own nerves are “on edge,” you’ll probably end up by offending someone else. Nobody loves you, you’re getting old and touchy, the world is against you and so on, until you end up actually looking older because of the dreary thoughts you’ve been harboring. Yet all your fancied woes had their roots in the fact that you didn’t eat the right kind of breakfast!

Until someone can prove to me that a high-starch breakfast of fruit juice, white toast, devitalized cereal and white-sugared coffee contains any thiamin to feed hard-working nerves and brain cells, I will continue to delight in my own high-protein breakfasts.

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