Top Reasons For Fatigue In Women

Unexplained fatigue is the unspoken global energy crisis.

“The single biggest complaint I hear from my patients, day in and day out, is fatigue,” says Nieca Goldberg, MD, a cardiologist at the Director of the NYU Medical Center Women’s Heart Program and associate professor at the NYU School of Medicine.

While multitasking and not getting enough sleep is certainly part of the problem, there are other factors that might be contributing.

A Slowed Thyroid

“I believe the undiagnosed thyroid disorder is one of the major female health problems in this country. I think it is even more widespread than anyone realizes,” Dr. Goldberg says.

Caffeine Overload

While caffeine has been the miracle worker for deadlines many a time, it can also be the culprit for slowing us down too.

“In some patients, continued abuse results in fatigue,” according to W. Stephen Pray, PhD, RPh. “Any attempts to solve the problem by increasing caffeine intake causes the fatigue to worsen.

Still Exhausted?

While heart disease can cause this fatigue, it’s not the first sign and the heart’s condition ‘is usually linked to something far less serious.”

9 Comments to “Top Reasons For Fatigue In Women”

  1. Ava | November 28th, 2009 at 12:28 pm

    I think I may suffer from anemia (iron defficincy)I get a reasonable amount of sleep but I am always exhausted, I go to school and I am 13 years old my Mum and sister both have the problem could it run in the family? I am always exhausted despite how much rest I get, I lack in energy and feel very down and depressed at times. When I come home from school I usually snack on a chocolate bar as I feel these sort of foods give me more energy. Please can someone help me with my query? thanks.

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