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Cosmetics are basically used to enhance the beauty of our body parts. Today the market is flooded with beauty cosmetics; they may include lipsticks, powders, creams, eye make up products and many more to list. Cosmetics have become an essential part of dressing up and they are widely used worldwide. The ingredients used in the in the cosmetics should be checked before buying them because they may cause some fatal allergies.

Today lots of research has taken place in the field of cosmetology and it is not any more limited to beauty products. There are techniques like cosmetic surgery and permanent make-up that allow you to permanently change your facial features instead of enhancing them. But before going in for such a technique an experts consultation is must because they are very expensive and plus the change that occurs is permanent and above all they require good health and skin care for maintenance and to avoid harmful side effects.

Cosmetic surgery and permanent make-up are getting more popular over the conventional makeup because of the skin damages caused be daily use of beauty products. Some of the reasons are allergies to makeup products, skin disorders, poor eyesight or poor hand-eye coordination etc.

We at www.sueshealthcenter.com provide you information and links to cosmetic related sites for detail knowledge on cosmetology and make-up procedures. It is advised that you should consult a dermatologist before using any beauty techniques - We care for your beauty and body!

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