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Weight loss diet plans. This is a wonderful way to lose weight.  If you've ever gone shopping for a low-carb diet, all protein diet, or pretty much any other diet plan - then you know the grocery bill can really add up.  Plus, all the planning and recipe research can really be a time sink.  Why not skip all that and sign up the perfect diet foods delivered right to your door?  Continued below...


Diet delivery.  Nutrisystem, Diet-to-Go, Jenny Craig, eDiets, and many other companies offer this service.  The benefits are huge:  save time, often save money, get the meals a nutrition expert would choose, and get a delicious variety of foods.  So many diets from books and on the web are boring, but Nutrisystem offers hundreds of choices for tasty foods!  You can diet for months without ever eating the same meal.

Our Favorite Diet Plans.  Our #1 choice would have to be Nutrisystem.  They aren't the cheapest, but they do offer a free week of food.  Click here for that offer:  Nutrisystem.  Nutrisystem is the biggest diet food delivery company around.  They have the most variety and the easiest ordering system.  Their pricing is competitive with others, but they offer more for your money.  Overall, we like Nutrisystem best.

Which diet delivery service offers the best value?  Many of the lower priced plans are not worth the trouble.  Poor service, lack of variety, and inferior menu are common with the cheapest services.  However, there is one shining star in this category:  Diet-to-Go.  They have a very high satisfaction rate, great variety, excellent foods.  Although we still like Nutrisystem better, Diet-to-Go will cost you less and keep you happy, full, and thin.

Local Diet Plan Delivery.  Many cities offer local fresh delivered diet foods.  The quality of foods is high, the menu is usually not very large, and the prices are high.  Still...the fresh meals can justify the cost.  Most people will be happy with Nutrisystem or Diet-to-Go, but it might be worth your time to investigate local offerings if you live in a large metro area.

Final thoughts.  As you can probably tell, I am a big fan of the diet delivery business.  It's a huge short cut to weight loss.  However, you will still want to include supplements like the ones mentioned on our Diet Pill Science page.  And, of course you will need to include exercise to see great health and weight loss.

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