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Weight loss exercise plans. Here's a fact that won't surprise you:  skinny people are more active than overweight people.  It's simple, get moving on a regular basis and you will get thinner.  Sure, it's easy to make the excuses:  no time, no money, health problems -> but you can find ways to get moving that don't require much time, probably zero money, and exercise a doctor would approve of .  Continued below...


Exercise programs.  This page was originally intended to review the exercise programs recommend by various companies.  However, one glaring fact stood out when were reseaching them:  people don't stick with these plans.  Since sticking with your exercise plan on a regular basis is THE key to success, we are going to discuss the basics.

Exercise for weight loss.  Everyone wants to know, what is the best exercise for weight loss.  There are two answers here, but the first answer is the important one.  The number one exercise for weight loss is one you enjoy and can stick with.  Movement is the goal, find something you enjoy and keep at it.  The number two answer is resistance training.  Both women and men find weight lifting to generate superior results to any other single exercise.  Keep in mind:  combining resistance training with aerobic training (dancing, jogging, hiking, swimming) is superior to resistance training alone.

Keys to success.  Certain actions tend to appear over and over again with the successful dieters/exercisers.  1. Get a partner, make workout appointments.  It's too easy to blow-off working out when it's just you showing up.  When you have a friend or friends coming - you will be much less likely to cancel.  2.  Find something you enjoy.  Dancing, jogging, swimming, martial arts... it doesn't matter.  Sure, you can try joining a gym and weight lifting/aerobics training -- but you know yourself best, can you stick with it?  3.  Frequency is essential.  If you workout everyday, or every weekday it becomes habit forming.  Once you form a workout habit, the battle is won.  Keep in mind some exercises do not allow frequent workout (weight lifting requires healing time).  But if hiking or dancing is your choice, you can go quite often.

Final thoughts.  The best results we have found is by approaching weight loss with a battle plan.  1. Use the best diet pill (we recommend the one we offer:  Available here).  We do not offer a free trial, just the lowest price possible.  If you want to try out different diet pills for free, you can: here2. Eat a healthy diet.  Feel free to save time and possibly money by using one of the weight loss diet plans available here3.  Exercise, find something you enjoy and pursue it.  Losing weight is as easy as 1 2 3 - that's the magic weight loss formula!

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