5 Minute Workouts that Get Results!

April 2nd, 2008

Lose weight fast with resistance training.Resistance training is the fastest way to build the body you want.  Push ups, crunches, pull ups, squats, curling, step ups (use a sturdy chair), and military presses will help you build muscle.  The extra muscle mass will help you burn more calories each day. 

The next time you are at a gym, look around at the people working out.  Usually those working on resistance training will have the leanest, sexiest bodies.  Too many women are drawn towards aerobic activity and never try resistance training.  Resistance training gets fast results.  Aerobic training is wonderful for your health and well being, but results come much slower and with a lot more work.  Do both if you have time.  But if you don’t, then 5 minute workouts 3-4 times per week will help you achieve the body you are looking for.

Working out at a gym is best – but you can do 5 minute workouts in your own home when you wake up.  It’s fast and it’s private.