Supercharge your Metabolism with Strawberries

July 3rd, 2008

Strawberries, Summers Best Snacking SecretNot only are strawberries amazingly yummy and loaded with antioxidants, but they can actually give your metabolism a boost in helping your body burn fat.  That has got to be on of this seasons best kept secrets.  These little red beauties have powerful nutrients that keep your brain young and fit and can help you to lose weight. According to MD, Leo Galland’s writings in his book The Fat Resistance Diet these delicious berries supply powerful nutrients that can help you lose weight.

Strawberries can promote weight loss in three ways:

  1. Escalates the body’s generation of a hormone which stimulates your metabolism and curbs your hunger. In laboratory studies the chemical Anthocyanins (a component of strawberries), stimulate synthesis of the hormone adiponectin, which is produced by fat cells. Adiponectin (also referred to as Acrp30, apM1) stimulates fat burning.
  2. Slows the digestion speed of starchy foods. Anthocyanins and ellagitannins found in strawberries inhibit the enzymes that transform dietary starch into sugar. This helps control the rise in blood sugar that follows a starchy meal. This is a key benefit for those with type 2 diabetes.
  3. Help your weight-reducing hormones function properly.

Anthocyanins, were presented at a 2007 conference on health benefits that may result from eating berries. 

The scientists laboratory tests showed potential in fighting:

  • cancer
  • aging and neurological diseases
  • inflammation
  • diabetes
  • bacterial infections

The high anti-inflammatory antioxidant in strawberries, helps protect against heart disease and stroke. 

If you’re feeling snackish, munch on some strawberries.  One cup of sliced strawberries has only 53 calories and is loaded with 98 mg of vitamin C, 3 grams of fiber, plus calcium, magnesium and potassium.

When shopping for berries, think the fresher the better.  Buy organic when you can, they have been shown to have higher levels of vitamin C.