Relieve Arthritis with Weight Loss

September 21st, 2008


With almost half of Americans expected to develop arthritis in their knees and many more Americans continuing to be obese and carrying extra pressure on their knees, the nation’s most common cause of disability is only going to continue increasing. The obese will face an even greater risk due to the extra weight. But there is good new, by losing just fifteen pounds the knee pain can be cut in half and only eleven pounds can cut in half the risk of ever developing arthritis.

The key to reducing your risk, whether you are obese or not, is exercise and losing weight. For every pound of weight that you lose, there is a four pound reduction in the pressure on your knees.

Exercise is the absolute best way to alleviate the pain for those who already have arthritis and will help prevent it from developing if you don’t have it yet. Many who don’t do something about weight loss and exercise now could end up having surgery or be in a wheelchair.

Start an exercise and weight loss plan today! Your knees will thank you.