Is Beef About to get a Makeover?

September 23rd, 2008


Things are apparently not moving quickly enough in the effort to go green, so the car companies and other interested parties are tying to pass the buck along to other industries that could help cut back the planet’s greenhouse gasses. In this new effort, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is pushing for less meat in our diets. While the red meat eaters of America may have different ideas about giving up their need for meat, UN research does show that overall meat production is responsible for 18 percent of the planets greenhouse gasses which is significantly more than transportation.

One compromise that may be the best of both worlds would be to make some changes to the ways meat is produced and transported. For example, if people bought all their meat locally rather than have it trucked in, it would save a great deal and the animals could be fed and treated differently than they are now to make it both healthier and less harmful to the environment. Meanwhile, of course, these options could have a negative impact on states and businesses that produce the meat causing them to sell less and comply with the changes.